Membership of WBOA

Membership of the Association offers the opportunity to meet, socialise and work with a group of people that are genuinely dedicated to boating and all that goes with.

For a small annual fee the facilities of the Boatyard and Workshop are available along with with helpful advice from those in the know.

In addition there is an area of this website reserved for Members. There can be found more information concerning such topics as events, courses, publications and the opportunity to trade with other Members along with more photograps, crewing opportunities and more..

There is a very strong Rowing fraternity and they are always on the lookout for newcomers.

Courses are run, invariably in conjunction with other Associations, and several Social Events are held throughout the year and to which all are welcome.

Do join us!

A Membership form is available for download here. Please print and once completed send to our Treasurer/Membership Secretary whose details are on the form.

Further details are available from: